Azienda agrituristica biologica Il Palazzo - via Baccagnano 11 48013 Brisighella Italy. Email tel e fax +39 546 80338
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The farm

Agriturismo Our farm, our agriturismo, which we lovingly call Il Palazzo, was developed generations ago and continues to develop and expand under our care, is located in a scenic neighborhood of rolling hills 2 km or 1.2 miles from the medieval town of Brisighella and 6/10 of a mile from a thermal spa. Here, built upon a natural terrace and within a perimeter of gently rolling hills, vineyards and fragrant woods are located the three guest houses, recently renovated but still keeping to the authenticity of the typical architecture of the Romagnola countryside. It is here that our guests find their warm and welcoming lodgings. The green of the vineyards, and the scenic views of the neighboring woods and hills enhance and soothe our guests with their peaceful calmness, and tranquility. The five rooms with private baths are spacious and comfortable.

The apartment is a studio flat (60m2) complete with private bath, and kitchen. It can accommodate up to six persons. The cooking is done with extreme care using only the pure and genuine products which are predominately grown here on our farm. Even the recipes are carefully created using originality and creativity while keeping true to the traditional dishes allowing our guests to savor the variety of flavors and textures of the foods which have made Emilia-Romagna so well known for it's cuisine. The wine that is served comes directly from our canteen where the winemaking follows the dictates of the organic farming methods while keeping within the age old tradition of winemaking passed from generation to generation.

It is possible to purchase our fine organic wines if one so desires. Sangiovese, Chardonnay, Trebbiano, Cagnina.

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