Azienda agrituristica biologica Il Palazzo - via Baccagnano 11 48013 Brisighella Italy. Email tel e fax +39 546 80338
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The commercial farm

grappolo acciaioThe choice of organic farming represents a choice of quality. It is a method of farming in which healthy food is produced while respecting nature and the environment. The vegetable garden, the small orchard, and the vineyards are cultivated by following the organic farming methods and are frequently checked and monitored by the ICEA, the association that oversees and certifies those agriculturists who choose organic farming to produce healthy and prime quality produce.

The winemaking is achieved through age-old traditions handed down through the generations. The fine quality wines produced in the canteen at Il Palazzo are the products of a master winemaker, a craftsman whose dedication to his trade is reflected in the great care given to each vine in the vineyard-from the weeding of the vines to the selection of the best clusters of grapes at the time of the harvest.

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